Lebron James X UNINTERRUPTED X Nike Air Force 1



Lebron James

Lebron James

Athletes are becoming more empowered in this new era of sports and Lebron James and his brand has represented that empowerment to the fullest.

Lebron has most recently been very outspoken about college athletics and the NCAA’s refusal to pay student athletes even though they generate massive amounts of revenue for schools. Lebron’s voice in these matters has helped usher inlegislation in California that will help empower college athletes. And has also resulted in many states planning to follow suit with similar legislation.

Lebron has also been an advocate for social change and hasn’t been afraid to speak out against injustices like police brutality and racism.

His I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio has helped hundreds of children gain addition resources to advance their skill sets as they head into higher education and he’s given millions to charities over his amazing NBA career.

Needless to say, Lebron James is a once in a generation type of guy and this shoe right here is a testament to that.

All of these accomplishments has resulted in his production/branding company UNINTERRUPTED partnering with Nike to introduce a limited edition Air Force 1 shoe that let’s you mark it up with whatever message you want to share.

Lebron has been writing names, quotes, saying, etc on his PE edition shoes during games for a long time and it’s become a tend in the NBA for players to do the same now before each game.

This shoe pays homage to this new tradition and gives the fans an opportunity to write their own message on their shoes with an UNINTERRUPTED X Nike Sharpie marker set.

It’s a simple shoe that will let how you mark it up make it fire. I might have to pick these up to just hold for inspiration. More pictures below.